Remember those who serve

To the editor:

I spoke on the phone the other day with my husband, a retired Marine, and he was moved to tears. Our otherwise healthy 21-year-old son was being a boy when he tore his ACL playing soccer. As a 2nd lieutenant in the Marine Corps, he is being treated at Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center.

After my son went to surgery, my husband had to go to the orthodics and prosthetics department for the braces he would need. It was there that he saw not one but many other fathers pushing their sons in wheelchairs. The majority of these sons and boys were not single or even double but triple amputees. They have fearlessly, unselfishly served our country for the freedoms we enjoy.

Hundreds of thousands of young people have preceded and will follow them into the service. They are our sons, brothers, sisters, fathers and grandfathers. In this month of Veterans Day, please be reminded of their sacrifices and keep them in your prayers. Let us never forget. God bless our military.

Clare E. Vosteen