Resident responds to board president

To the Editor,

In reference to the guest column by Jerry Durante, Hancock County school board president, on Nov. 16, even though Durante recognized every individual is entitled to his or her own opinion, he strongly suggested everyone expressing an opinion publicly try to be informed so as not to display ignorance of the facts and he doesn’t intend to engage in any future dialogue on this subject, I feel I must respond since I believe it was my letter he referred to.

First of all, there were really no statements of the facts. The letter was asking questions. What levy? etc. How do you get the facts if you don’t ask questions?

I talked to dozens of people prior to the election. The majority asked, what election? And even the ones who knew didn’t know what was on the ballot. To this day, I haven’t talked to anyone who saw a pamphlet that was distributed county-wide.

Secondly, the comment “Anyone who minimizes the efforts put forth by our teachers in Hancock County is either grossly misinformed or intentionally devious.” was totally uncalled for.

The letter had no mention of teachers. This is a perfect example of why people in this county will not come forth with questions or concerns. They feel if they disagree with or question the powers that be, they or their kids will be subjected to intimidation, ridicule or innuendos such as what was in the guest column.

It would be nice if the politics could be left behind. Maybe then we could get more than 15 percent of the registered voters out to vote on issues that affect them.

Charlie Mitchell