You can’t go back

To the Editor,

The conservatives’ view of the good old days goes something like this: Back in the Great Depression, when a father couldn’t afford a 5 cent ice cream cone for his child, it trickled down to the low information conservatives. It taught the child values.

The razor strap discipline and poverty produced some of the most violent criminals in the 19th and 20th centuries. Enough said for conservative values.

Three days to 2014. Thirteen years into the 21st century. Seven billion people on Earth and counting. All trying to make a statement from body piercing to tattoos to preaching the gospel.

Preaching pundits such as the likes of O’Reilly, Cal Thomas and Pat Buchanan quoting scripture only to their advantage, trying to advocate living in the 21st century under Old Victorian rules, have to surrender.

Living in the past isn’t going to help the future.

There’s been a culture revolution. It’s not shameful to have a child versus the good old days when one was fabricated. The newborn was dropped off by a stork.

We will never take women out of the workforce. Forget blaming everything on the lack of a two-parent home. What’s the difference if a child is raised in a single-parent home (day care) or a two-parent home where both parents (day care) work.

There’s no going backward. During that brief moment in time, the 70s, 80s, into the 90s when the middle class rose to its greatest heights earnings wise, it changed the American landscape. It’s the era the middle class got the taste of honey. Vail, Tiffany’s, first class air travel. The elitists have to tolerate the middle class skiing at Vail and shopping at Tiffany’s forever. Get used to it.

We, the people, don’t care what the top 1 percent earn. But with the private sectors sitting on $2 trillion and not hiring and creating jobs, someone has to ask the question. Why? The 21st century robber barons make the 20th century robber barons look like pikers.

Steve Kopa