Carriers help make difference

To the editor:

Every subscriber enjoys having the newspaper there at his or her door at the same time every day. That is indeed the goal of home delivery, and variance from this daily ritual can indeed be frustrating.

But before your frustration leads you to the conclusion that your carrier must surely be at fault, please take a moment to consider a few things.

Your carrier does not receive his papers to deliver at the same time every day. There can be variations in the times he or she receives his or her papers to deliver, up to an hour or more.

Also, just because your paper may not be at your door as usual does not mean the carrier did not leave it there. There are those in every community who would not think twice about grabbing a paper from someone else’s step.

If you have had the same carrier for years, it is very likely that this carrier has worked 1,000, perhaps 2,000 days or even more without a day off. It is a job of extreme repetition, with very little change from day to day. In the day- to-day run through the community, it is easy to understand how a new sight might distract a person just enough to cause him to pass one of his deliveries.

Also, in a land of four distinct seasons, weather can sometimes reek havoc on anyone unfortunate enough to be out in it. Keeping newspapers dry during the delivery process can be a challenge.

If by chance you miss a paper, by all means, call the circulation department, as all involved are dedicated to getting your paper to you as soon as possible. But try to reserve judgment on your carrier. If you start that long walk in his or her shoes, you will be surprised how soon you will be needing new shoes.

James Starkey