Mixed up feelings

To the Editor,

Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates seems to be embroiled in a dispute with former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates.

As is my custom, I try not to get involved in a dispute between a person and himself, but Gates can’t seem to settle the differences between he and himself.

This could be thought of as a severe personality defect or it could be considered a shrewd business decision. After all, which kook sounds like a bigger sellout, one in which as employee has some legitamate disagreement with his boss or one in which he alternately excoriates and then exalts a sitting president, vice president and former secretary of state? I, for one, am always reluctant to agree with someone that can’t agree with himself.

No doubt, you have already been treated to the “sensational criticism,” so here is Bob showing a little Gates lover for his superiors.

One of the Bob Gates in question wrote that he never questioned the president’s support of the troops. He also mentioned prominently the word integrity and stated that the decision to eliminate OBL was “the most courageous” he has seen. Do you remember how you felt about the troops and a president that refused to give up the hunt, as his predecessor and a lying chicken hawk vice president had so easily done. I can’t help but wonder what Gates thought about taking our eyes off a war that needed to be prosecuted and a VP lying his way past a simplistic puppet to fight a war that did not!

He also said that the president didn’t think of it as “his war.” He ended one and is ending this one, as best that he can, in agreement with 82 percent of Americans. Good!

Gates also referred to Biden as “a man of integrity” and to Clinton as “brilliant” and “hard working.” Saying that Biden was wrong “about everything” after working for GWB seems more than a bit buffoonish. Joe Biden was right about much.

It seems that, as with Kennedy and Ike and others, there comes a time when a president comes to the conclusion that he is in charge and that he will receive the blame or credit for what transpires during his administration.

He will be the conduit to the future and history. His responsibility alone and not the one of a former secretary of defense with what seems to be a multiple personality disorder.

Next in the tea party’s bag of tricks – how to blame the pres for WW2!

Bob Atkinson