More questions about our times

To the editor:

I ask the valley amigos to evaluate contributions last year by liberal Democrats, atheists, homosexuals (very hard to distinguish one from the other now-a-days) that improved America. Let’s see, Obamacare, belittling Christianity and bullying A&E to remove “Duck Dynasty” from its lineup were their main goals. We see how well they worked out. Obumacare proponents shout they have 2 million signed up, but they don’t tell you that half are ones who lost coverage. They don’t specify how many paid and are actually covered. What about the 6 million who lost coverage? Great liberal logic, hurt 6 million to possibly help 2 million.

I can’t wait for Ramadan so the coward atheists can demonstrate at mosques, defile Muhammad and post billboards campaigning about the idiocy of Islam. Atheists, open up or support any new charities or hospitals lately as Pope Francis and Billy Graham do? Wait, I’m sorry the Revs. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright do shake down companies for money to support their causes. Anyone want to bet these cowards are silent during Ramadan? I love seeing these nuts spending money and time fighting something they say doesn’t exist.

More people petitioned A&E to keep “Duck Dynasty” on than are members in the bullying organization called GLAAD. Why don’t these kooks have tolerance of others’ points of view as they expect others to have of them? Let’s take a survey of Americans: who are Pope Francis, Billy Graham and Harvey Milk.

I think I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton because I want to be part of history to elect the first female president. You see how well it worked out by electing the first black president. I’m still waiting for someone you support to announce they’re running on Obumacare. The only one I know is Pinocchio Nancy Pelosi with her quote of Dec. 11 to her Democratic colleagues to “embrace the suck.”

Everyone happy with the 24-plus hidden taxes to support Obumacare that went into effect Jan. 1? They’ll sneak up on you by spring.

Flash – President Barack Obama states his care is working and won’t cost the American people anything.

He also said you can keep you health insurance, and your doctor and will be saving $2,500 per family per year. He would make a great pitch man in Times Square playing three card monty or a dictator of a banana republic. Only uninformed, politically ignorant zombies think he’s an honest man. Barbara Walters is delusional. She said he went from a messiah to a rapper pushing his failed health plan.

The president’s look-a-like rapping a song to push Obumacare is pathetic.

The IRS is going to enforce Obumacare? It can’t even collect $1 billion from 1,138 vendors it does business with that owe back taxes, but they’ll fine me for not buying something I don’t want.

To those who sit in their star chamber calling me racist, Islamophobic, homophobic and misogynist, I quote the brilliant Pelosi – “suck it up!”

Barry Bardone