Not enough to go around

To the Editor,

Privacy, alternative energy and a cold glass of drinkable water.

Why connect George Orwell’s novel of a totalitarian future society to today’s NSA’s spying to psyche the public’s imagination of our freedoms being lost, but not connect the dots to Mel Gibson’s movie “Mad Max?” the plot “as the earth’s oil supplies are being exhausted, law and order breaks down due to energy shortages,” or poet Samual Taylor Cole Ridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

“Water, water everywhere,

and all the boards did shrink

water, water everywhere,

nor any drop to drink”

Being the planet earth is 70 percent water and only 10 percent drinkable, why take a chance accidentally – Elk River – or some terrorist group poisoning our remaining 10 percent drinkable water.

There’s not enough natural resources to support 800 billion people on earth. When shortages occur and long lines prevail, maybe humanity will look back and ask why not alternative energy, conserve our water supply and spy, spy, spy to stop a Third World order from taking over and rationing our natural resources and passing out some Twinkies every once in a while.

Steve Kopa