All who help deserve thanks

To the editor:

I think that we all owe a big thank you to all of the first responders who have been out in this terrible weather we have had.

Some are paid and some are volunteers, but they all have been out there for the public. Whether it is a fire, a crime or our vehicle slides off the road or just breaks down, they are there to help anyone who needs it. They don’t say its too cold or wet, they just show up. They risk their lives every time they are out there because they face the same conditions that they try to protect us from.

I know that they do more than is expected, whether it is to call for a tow truck, keep someone warm in their car or even take you somewhere to be safe if needed. Each one of them should be thanked because without all of these people being out there for us, many of us would find ourselves hurt, frozen, alone on the side of the road, watching our homes burn or afraid of noises outside. Think and just tell them all thank you for caring for us enough to be there when we need you.

Pam Bruce