Column nothing more than farce

To the editor:

Finally, in this age of corporate-money-stoked political rancor, this newspaper has found a humor columnist to amuse us with some lighthearted Sunday fare. The smiling lass sporting the byline of Betsy McCaughey wrote, in her column printed here on Feb. 16, “the fairness of our two-party system” (is) “the jewel of America’s crown.” I knew a sardonic parody lurked below her teasing headline “The 2014 elections could be turned into a sham” and then that one-liner of comic genius came rolling off the page. George Carlin, who quipped that “Your choices are paper or plastic,” would no doubt be laughing along with me here, and would give McCaughey a big thumbs up for such deadpan farce.

And, indeed, McCaughey’s piece is a farce, wrapped in a lie, posing as moral outrage and oblivious to the continual polling of the pols at somewhere lower than whale excrement residing at the bottom of the Marianas Trench of American public opinion.

Not one party, but both of our estimably fair crowning national jewels, the Ds and the Rs have finally received the appreciation they deserve – none.

I certainly expect, as I’m sure that McCaughey would certainly agree, that the Supreme Court will step in once again if the party who believes it is their turn fails to deliver the popular vote to make that so, and bring balance to our perturbed political qi. What’s that you say? Nowhere in the Constitution does it empower the Supreme Court to determine the winner of an election? Such outdated trust in the rule of law is just so retro these days. Better get with it or a secret court will authorize the surveillance of your phones, your mail, your acquaintances, your pets, your credit cards and your opinions.

A brief review is in order. It took the approval or the acquiescence of both parties to abolish Glass-Stegal, and this act of bipartisan malfeasance led inevitably to the crash of world financial markets. It took a cowardly abdication of moral responsibility by both major political parties to authorize the illegal, unwise, and completely failed invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, which resulted in the pointless deaths and dismemberments of thousands of U.S. soldiers, not to mention the war crimes and crimes against humanity those soldiers committed in carrying out these abhorrent national policies. And it requires the unwavering sycophantic obedience of both anti-American political parties to create, fund and defend the secret police state than now spies on everyone and will label you, me and the pope a terrorist for challenging the medieval enslavement of the new corporatism. These are the crowning achievements of the “fairness of our two-party system.”

McCaughey’s piece is just another installment of two-party cheerleading to get us peons to throwing rocks at each other in our colorful team shirts, so that we don’t turn our anger on them. The two-party system has but one master, and we are just cannon fodder and powerless consumptives.

Vince Lawrence

Cross Creek Township