Global warming a myth

To the Editor,

We knew it was coming. Lest people be allowed to think otherwise, the fanatical liberal ideologues in the White House have breathlessly released a video, narrated by Dr. John Holdren, Obama’s science advisor, explaining how our recent spate of unutterably frigid weather is actually being caused byglobal warming. As we all know, any incidence of weather, no matter how extreme or mild, hot or cold, wet or dry, is absolute proof of global warming.

That’s right, folks; all that cold weather being pushed even into the Deep South, well, that’s global warming causing that. What about that ship that got stuck in polar ice a few weeks backs, and had to be rescued? Isn’t that something? Thing is, what many typically biased media accounts failed to report was, it was filled with scientists who were heading north to assess the damage the dangerously rising global temperatures were having, on the polar ice cap. They promptly got trapped in ice that wasn’t supposed to be there because Al “the planet has a fever” Gore and his deluded acolytes have said so. Global warming is, after all, melting the ice sheet.

Mr. Gore, of course, stands to profit hugely from the sale and trade of carbon credits, regulations pertaining to which he and his cohorts are lobbying steadily to push through Congress and the UN. Therefore, since Gore clearly has no ulterior motive or personal gain or agenda, we should then hearken to every word on the subject of global warming, which falls from his lips.

Carbon credits, for those who don’t know, are to be purchased according to the “carbon footprint” of the buyer. If I own, say, a large factory, I would need to have “X” amount of credits to operate within regulatory statutes, or pay a fine. If I need to go over my limit, however, I can simply purchase more credits from another source (including the carbon credit intermediary, Mr. Gore), say, a smaller factory or other facility that isn’t using its full allotment, allowing me to increase output. So actually, I’m paying either way.

If anyone can tell me how this actually reduces anything besides the poverty level of Al Gore, please do.

You see, there’s too much control of the masses riding on global warming (or climate change, or whatever they may be calling it tomorrow) to admit that maybe it’s not having as much impact as they’ve spent three decades and funds untold, telling us. Temperatures rise and fall; that’s nature.

“Man-made” global warming is hysteria, at best. In fact, temperatures throughout our solar system have leveled-out and even dropped, since 1998, when the sun went into a different cycle of activity. Global warming theory, like the global cooling of the 1960s-70s, is simply a bid by the left to make you think, act and live as they would like. It’s a way for them to redistribute the money and effort of individuals who would normally be doing their own thing.

Totalitarian liberalism can’t have that.

Rob Denham