God is always there

To the editor:

A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter about respect (“We all need some respect,” Jan. 19.) Many times as we all do, we say and do things before thinking about them first and, sometimes, it gets us into trouble no matter what the situation is.

I have to fix one thing in that letter, which was written and I gave no thought over and that was when I gave mention to the church. I want to and I’m going to make a public apology for what I said about the church, because this is the family of God and I never gave it any thought to saying anything. To the outside world, I still stand for what I believe. Many people are put down and abused because of how they are, and I’m one of them. I’ve been in that position all through life, whether in school, the workplace, in public, etc., and am still in that position today.

As a Christian, I have to forgive people because God forgave me. I do know that whatever I go through, God is always there for me and he brings me through every time.

John Fullerton