Have some consideration

To the Editor,

I’m writing in regards to the people who continue throwing snow back into the street after the city has plowed.

The city has asked them to please not do that and to try their best to keep vehicles off streets also so the plows can get through.

I live on Alden Street. I have to make a sharp turn off Kathleen Way onto Alden Street, which is a hill. So, if I can’t get a run for the hill due to my neighbor throwing his snow back into the road, I get quite upset. I’m in and out of here constantly due to sickness in our family and would appreciate some consideration.

I think it’s time for the city to put ordinances against both issues, because kindly asking on your part and mine hasn’t done any good.

I certainly would do my part by reporting such problems. If they have no respect for us, I have none for them either.

Karen Greathouse