No Republicans, no problems

To the Editor,

This is in response to the letter titled, “Where are we heading?” dated 1-26-14.

It mentions the affordability of todays health insurance that Republicans call Obamacare. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of this insurance, but I do know that we had or have about 10 million people with no insurance and without the Republicans’ help, Obama is trying to help these people.

It’s got to be un-American and heartless to not give these poor people a hand.

The letter goes on to say the reason people are poor is that they don’t take responsibility for their actions and have a bunch of kids that have to be paid for by the taxpayers, etc.

I raised 14 children and sometimes worked three jobs to make ends meet, but never took a cent from welfare or the letter writer. People are poor mainly due to the rich being too hoggish and not paying a fair wage so people won’t have to depend on government assistance or family and church charity.

To his question of why wars are named after presidents like Iraq being the Bush war.

I never heard that, but it’s a suitable title as President Bush did deliberately and unilaterally start the war that killed over 4,000 Americans. He also mentions today’s mess, Bush left that mess for Obama to fix with a majority Republican Congress that fights him tooth and nail every inch of the way.

The writer asks who liberals would blame if there were no Republicans and I say to that, No Republicans! No woes! No blame needed!

His letter finished off with, “Don’t vote the knuckleheads back in.”

I agree, get speaker Boehner out and Pelosi back in with a sensible majority Democrat Congress.

At 21 years of age (the law then) I voted for Truman as it was no different then, as it is now, a rose is a rose, as a Republican is a Republican. Hooray for me and the heck with you! Always been, always will be. Good old pennypinchers GOP

John Flara

New Cumberland