Random thoughts about the area

To the editor:

It breaks my heart that the JB Green Team is losing $1.2 million due to the reduction of rail garbage being taken to the Apex Landfill. It doesn’t break my heart that my neighbors and I will have to smell that much less garbage.

Why is it that Christians in this country are being persecuted while other religions are permitted to do whatever they want? It’s time for Christians to stand up and defend our rights and our faith.

It’s sad that no one in this administration cares about the Border Patrol Agent who was murdered by it careless Fast and Furious scheme. It’s also sad that no one in this administration cares about the people killed in Benghazi due to their negligence.

Charlie Chaplin in the “Little Dictator” was humorous. President Barack Obama as the little dictator is not.

The only thing Obama hasn’t blamed on Bush is Obamacare and we all know how well that is going. No one has done more to subvert the constitution, stifle individual initiative, kill jobs and foster division in America. If he so wants income equality let him move to Cuba. It seems to work well there. The lies started when he swore to uphold, preserve and defend the Constitution.

The Second Amendment wasn’t written for hunters and sportsmen. It was written so the people could take back a runaway, out-of-control government.

Am I worried about the NSA? They probably already know what I wrote.

In the past I have been afraid to write what I think. No more.

Steve Hawkins