Some thoughts on Lovers Lane

To the editor:

In answer to the 6th Ward councilman’s request for input on Lovers Lane, I submit the following:

Council spent more than a million dollars to redo the southern portion of John Scott Road, which has one-10th the traffic of Lovers Lane. Lovers Lane has been a problem ever since the Fort Steuben Mall was built, and might be the busiest two-lane road in Eastern Ohio.

I can readily understand the concern of the property owners with homes facing Lovers Lane, however the maps at the Jefferson County Courthouse indicate the roadway has a 40-foot right of way. It is now paved to a width of 16 feet. As I understand, one of the big problems surrounds the lack of storm sewers.

Several years ago I asked the former city manager if Lovers Lane would be widened in my lifetime. She asked me how old I was, and when I told her, she said it would never happen.

John Criss