We should do as Jesus did

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the Doug Snodgrass letter (“Wisdom comes from god”) that appeared on Feb. 9.

To start off, it takes a fool to tell everyone we should starve or go without. The reason why Obamacare helps America is easy – to help America’s less fortunate and needy. The loud sounding bell of being a Christian the writer clangs is for his few fake Christians, but the one thing he doesn’t do is read his Bible.

The truth as it really is for most Christians, and as the writer doesn’t like to hear, is that it’s easy to say you’re wrong and you need to repent and ask the lord for this so-called wisdom you say you have. The shock is the lord Jesus is merciful and compassionate and loving – he cares for all. The problem is today’s idea of this political thinking, whether conservative or what. How’s this – I’m a Christian and I do as Jesus did, help the poor and needy, not greedy and unkind.

The problem with people today is they want to go to heaven and do as they think, but it’s not that way. We give account and must face God. Alas, as for the writer, I feel sorry for him and will pray the lord does lift the blinder of your heart to get you to the promised land , but it’s up to you.

Today you are held accountable and God is watching. In Jesus’ name, amen.

William Murray