A few thoughts

To the Editor,

Just a few comments to the letter dated Feb. 9 titled “No Republicans, no problem.” First, he states he never heard Bush’s war. I have one of his previous letters that he called it Bush’s war. Second. He refers to “the rich hoggish.” Does he include the rich hoggish Democrats?

Third. A “majority Republican Congress” Really? When did that happen? The Congress I know is composed of the House and Senate, and neither has control of Congress.

And last, he may have to live another two years with the penny pinchers.

Which of these two lies, “I did not have sex with that woman” or “if you like your plan, you can keep it” is the biggest? I put my money on the second one, as it is only one of the many lies of Obama.

I’m still waiting for some liberal to explain to me where the money is going to come from to support their liberal agenda. Think about this: If you spent money like the liberals, and had the debt they owe, you would have lost your home, your car, your savings and you probably would be in jail.

Last time I checked birth announcements, I counted 12 births, of which four had Mr and Mrs.

In closing, let me give you a tip for helping your paper carrier. You know those plastic sleeves that they put your paper in? Those cost money. Why don’t you save them along with the rubber bands, and give them back to your Carrier and if they don’t want them, they can tell you to throw them away.

Have a nice week.

God continue to bless us.

Ray Kaczynski