America is culturally diverse

To the Editor,

Once again some people have taken a simple concept and made a gigantic leap of nonsense to arrive at a reason why we should be afraid of an advertisement featuring Americans singing “America The Beautiful” in other languages.

Despite the smiling faces, the beautiful scenery, and the majority of the song being sung in English, they came to the conclusion that these “foreigners” were here to destroy America because they weren’t singing it in our “native” language. How clever that they discovered this devious ploy!

Cultural Marxism? Seriously? They got that out of a Coke commercial? Obviously, they saw through the beauty of the song and the different, proud ways it was sung to ferret out the “commie” plot behind it. Wow.

They make the claim that “these” people don’t want to assimilate because they still speak their language and hold on to their customs. Just how did they manage to reach that conclusion?

Growing up in this area, I had friends whose families came from many cultures. It was always a treat to hear the language, eat the food and observe the customs of their country of origin when I visited their homes. You could walk down Main Street and hear Italian, Greek, Polish and many other languages as well as English spoken. No one appeared bothered because there was nothing to be bothered about.

Were these people arrogant because they spoke the language they were most comfortable with? No. Did shop owners, mill foreman, school teachers demand that they speak English only? No. Weirton had 42 different nationalities in 1934 and our community celebrated its diversity with the Festival of Nations, a wonderful event that has been revived in the last few years. To this day, all over America, there are ethnic clubs and organizations. Throughout the year, tens of millions flock to festivals and picnics featuring the music, food, language and culture of the many countries whose immigrants settled here, as well as those who were here when we arrived. I guess it’s all part of that insidious agenda to make us forget the real USA.

Columbus “discovered” America for the Spanish. The French, the Dutch and the English among others had a hand in exploring and settling this continent. However, they weren’t the first to settle here and they certainly weren’t native speakers.

The only arrogance I see is in those who demand a cultural purity which is not and never has been a part of this great nation. Those gray and bald-headed members of the tea party remember a country that exists only in their imagination. Or perhaps they’re longing for a past where a certain part of society was free to discriminate against those who looked, sounded, acted or worshiped differently.

Thankfully those days are behind us and as the ranks of the tea party continue to become older and grayer, those who find diversity abhorrent will be replaced. For the rest of us, the Festival of Nations is March 15.

Sharon Davis Green