Disputing some assertions

To the Editor,

This letter will be a one and only response to the March 2 letter titled, “A few thoughts.”

This person’s certainly entitled to his opinion as long as it’s factual.

The letter reads that he had a copy of a letter in which I called the Iraq War, “The Bush War.” I can’t remember that, but I certainly made many accusations that President Bush was solely responsible for that uncalled-for tragedy that caused 4,000 Americans killed and approximately 35,000 lame for life.

The war was Bush’s unilateral and independent decision. The name, “Bush War” is justifiable and could have been called, “The Bush/Chaney War” as the VP was as adamant of the war’s necessity.

As for the rich being hoggish, I could have been more explicit and said rich Republicans or business owners. The Democrat rich have always fought for the working people and the poor. That’s not being hoggish!

Every Republican president in my time or since Hoover has fought against the workers and poor people’s rights.

On the majority of Congress I spoke of was Speaker of the House John Boehner and his gang that fought against our president (who was elected by the people of the United States) every inch of the way.

As for president’s lying, I think Obama has at least made some progress on insurance for people who had no insurance. A lot of people along the way made it difficult for the new health care to work as Obama had hoped for. At least he tried!

The Republicans never put forth any effort for people who fell through the cracks.

As for lying to the people, young G. Bush said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; a big lie! Old Bush said “read my lips.” Lie, lie, lie! Reagan insisted on trickle-down economy that never trickled down; a real lie! Clinton’s lie never hurt we the people and that lie was none of our business anyway.

Nixons, I am not a crook. Really?

Finally the writer asks where we liberals think the money should come from to support the so-called liberal agenda. Get the money that rightfully belongs to the people. For starters quit the tax cuts for the rich, also disallow all those tax deductions and credits the very rich use to not pay their fair share.

The above is factual!

John Flara

New Cumberland