Friday World Down Syndrome Day

To the editor:

Most people do not know that March 21, this Friday, is World Down Syndrome Day. I think it is awesome that a day is set aside to honor our special angels “hand-picked” for us by God.

Having a child with Down syndrome is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Jacob has taught me (and many others) so many things. If we could all learn to love and care like a DS individual, what a wonderful world this would be.

We need to realize that persons with Down syndrome are more like others their age than unlike. If you know someone with DS, please let them know you are thinking of them on Friday, WDSD.

For those of you who do not know anyone with Down syndrome, you are missing out on a huge blessing. I urge you to become acquainted with a DS individual if the opportunity presents itself.

Carissa Sentich