Here’s a way to show off park

To the editor:

I am writing regarding the article “SRG hears update on bike trial” that appeared in the March 11 edition. The article discusses the cross country bike trail that will pass through Steubenville and would go through Beatty Park. That is a wonderful idea.

I have a suggestion: The park already has restrooms, but the water to them needs to be repaired. Fix the water and maybe put in a hot water tank so people can wash off, and let them tent camp a night or two to rest on their cross country trips. There are a lot of flat spots near the restrooms and shelterhouse. The cyclists would appreciate it, I am sure.

If the money is the issue, charge a fee for camping, a small fee. I am sure they would come.

We need the public to see our beautiful park, and that is one way to do just that.

Patricia Kovach