Hero helped change flat

To the editor:

On a bitter, cold day in January, I was on my way home from a doctor’s appointment in Pittsburgh. Near the airport exit on busy U.S. Route 22, I got a flat tire.

I pulled off the highway and onto the shoulder, and the traffic was going so fast that it shook my van. I called AAA and was put on hold for 15 minutes.

I was wondering what I should do next when a car passed me, stopped and backed up. A man in a Harley-Davidson coat and hat walked up to my window and asked, “Would you like me to change your tire?”

“Would I ever,” was my reply.

The tire that had to be changed was on the same said as the highway and the cars were speeding by at 60 mph. I was so frightened that he would be injured. After the tire was changed, he refused my money, but said, “If you ever need a haircut, come to my wife’s salon on state Route 213.”

I would like to publicly thank this wonderful young man for kindness to this little old lady. I think I recall his name as being Dave DiAngelo, but I’m not sure. I am old and may have gotten his name wrong, but he knows who he is.

Thanks again to my hero of the day.

Ruby Grimes

Mingo Junction