Hospital staff very helpful

To the editor:

I would like to take this time to give a special thanks to some nurses and doctors who took care of me when I was in Trinity Medical Center West for 12 days. I was admitted in the hospital for a serious illness on Feb. 11. I don’t remember a lot of names so if I leave anyone out I apologize.

I spent three days in intensive care unit and my husband told me they took very good care of me. When I was transferred out of ICU to the sixth floor, the nurses were excellent.

The daylight nurses Jessica Pirzzuro, Dana Aceto, Diane DiGiacinto and night nurse Amanda Campbell were very compassionate to my needs.

I realized how hard they work nonstop on their shifts and short staffed.

Special thanks to Drs. John Figel and Samuel Licatta for compassionate and support.

In closing, in the first week in January I was admitted to the hospital for four days on the fourth floor, and a special thank you to those nurses also.

Mary Freiling

Mingo Junction