Protecting government from the people

To the Editor,

Some thoughts:

I often see letters disparaging the tea party and its supporters as “racist.”

The tea party’s platform consists, mainly, of true conservative ideals: smaller, less-intrusive government; lower taxes; relaxed regulation; reduced and controlled spending; common sense, strong pro-American foreign policy.

Now, the lefties know they can’t directly criticize any of this, because that would tip their hand. Most Americans agree with these, and they’d be publically admitting their big government, anti-American bias. Liberalism is much too sneaky and deceitful for that, so they resort to cries of “racist!” in a pathetic attempt to discredit our ideals. They have no real evidence, of course, but who needs facts, when repeated lies will suffice to influence weak minds?

Herman Cain, Allen West, Ben Carson; yes, a shame that conservatives are so horribly racist that we could never support a black candidate.

Harry Reid recently stuck his foot in it, by telling the biggest whopper since “if you like your plan, you can keep it.” Reid decided to take care of all the commotion over Obamacare’s vast unpopularity and glaring shortcomings in one swift stroke, by simply calling everyone who’s complained a liar. That’s right; you say you’ve had trouble or negative experiences regarding Obamacare? Well, you’re just a big, fat fibber; shame on you, because there’s nothing at all wrong.

They may backpedal; they usually do, whenever any politician says or does something so egregiously stupid.

However, who’s more likely to be lying? Millions of frustrated, disgruntled Americans, many of whom voted for Obama and are finally realizing they were sold a huge bill of goods, or a creepy, career politician desperately trying to cover his party’s exposed backside? That was a rhetorical question, obviously; catching a Democrat politician in a blatant lie is nothing. It’s like seeing those ugly, shiny green flies in a cow pasture; you just expect it.

The Second Amendment issue is heating up in Connecticut, where state police have threatened to literally kick in the doors of those refusing to register their firearms, forcibly confiscating them.

Civil war, anyone?

It’s sad, how many people don’t understand how gun control works. “They’re not going to take your guns!” lefties dismissively grumble. And they’re right; the government knows they can’t ban guns outright. They can, however, through regulation, make it so hard to buy and own one that many people will just not try. That’s what’s happened in Chicago, Washington, DC and New York City; strangely, their rates of violent and gun crime have skyrocketed, despite their virtual banning of firearms.

That’s exactly what’s been happening for decades; subtle chipping away at gun rights, making the bureaucratic hoops you have to jump through ever more challenging, without actually banning them.

Connecticut is a test case for the entire country. How the majority of the people react will either embolden or intimidate other states with less than pro-gun governments. Or even the Feds.

Gun control isn’t about protecting the people from guns; it’s about protecting government from the people.

Rob Denham