A satirical touch

To the Editor,

Three issues with a satirical touch.

Noah: The Biblical version of Noah was turned into a science fiction Hollywood production instead of examining the lesson learned.

The lesson: In case humans have to evacuate spaceship Earth due to a severe climate change, to a newfound habitable planet. Do we take two of every kind or if the Republicans have a majority in the Senate, take only the elite sophisticated kind.

Women by nature are beautiful, so let’s talk sense when it comes to women. Conservative columnists Cal Thomas, Thomas Sowell and others are trying to defend the inequality of pay between the two sexes.

Inequality in pay is nothing compared to women being discriminated against since the beginning of time, 4,000 years ago. Genesis 3:16 says man shall rule over woman. 21st century women, I dare one to try it.

Just a thought about concussions: Do not let your child play football. Let him off with a tricycle, graduate to a bike, upgrade him to a car, let some president send him to war. He’ll come home in a body bag or limbless. On second thought, let him play football and enjoy his childhood.

Steve Kopa