Be educated before voting

To the editor:

Has anyone in the Edison Local School District looked at a breakdown of their property taxes lately? You can print it out online or get a copy at the Jefferson County Courthouse. I have a copy of mine and it shows that 56.5 percent of my property taxes are going to the Edison Local School District. That’s 56.5 cents out of every $1, or $56.50 out of every $100 or $565 out of every $1,000. I pay $945.44 per year, and $533.80 goes to Edison Local.

The other 43.5 percent goes to Eastern Gateway Community College, the Island Creek Township general fund, emergency medical services, fire protection and fire apparatus, road and bridge maintenance and repair, Jefferson County 911, the Jefferson County jail, children services, the general fund, jail operating and equipment, mental health an retardation, senior citizens, Jefferson County Joint Vocational School District current expenses and permanent improvement and the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County.

It’s my opinion that since property owners are paying for this levy, then only property owners should get to vote. It’s easy to vote “yes” with other people’s money.

After the last election, a superintendent of another local school district said that they won’t quit until their levy passes. In other words they’re going to ram it down your throats whether you like it or not. Whatever happened to no means no? The voters have spoken, have they not?

You might also read information in Edison Local stating what will happen if the levy fails. If you really want to know, contact the Ohio Department of Education at (877) 644-6338. You might be surprised what you’ll find out. Half-truths and scare tactics can sway uninformed voters.

Why do the local school districts brag when the state gives them awards of excellence but worry about that same state taking over if the levy fails? I spoke to the state education department on April 9, and was told that no school district has been taken over by the state. You could be placed under a fiscal watch, a fiscal caution, or a fiscal emergency if you’re having financial problems.

The state would come to the school district and be a financial adviser. There are only certain subjects required by the state for a child’s education. Anything above that is not considered, by the state, as a necessity.

Don’t believe everything that you read and hear. Get informed by calling the aforementioned phone number. Learn to think for yourself, and then go vote.

John Paul Saggio