Don’t be fooled

To the Editor,

The anti-Obama propaganda machine is working. They have insulted the American people thinking they wouldn’t know the true facts when they put out all the false information. The Affordable Care Act has some flaws, even the president has said so.

Instead of suggesting changes to make it better, the Republican Party in the House has voted over 50 times to do away with the law altogether. They even took the law to the Supreme Court and lost.

Millions of Americans who have no health insurance go to hospitals every day and the American taxpayer foots the bill. Why the Republican Party wants to do away with this healthcare law and go back to millions uninsured, that way the taxpayer has to pay the bill, I do not know.

Just recently, the Republican Party submitted their budget. They want to repeal the Affordable Care Act altogether.

1. If you have a pre-medical condition, you can be turned down by an insurance company

2. If you’re under the age of 26 and cannot find a job, you cannot stay on your parents’ insurance

3. If you’re a woman, you have to pay more for your insurance

4. They want to do away with Medicare as we know it.

5. In place of our Medicare insurance we have now, we will receive a voucher to go out into the insurance world and try to get somebody to insure us.

Obamacare, as the Republicans call it, has been blamed for killing people, bankrupting the country, the bad weather we’ve been having and I think the last loss the Pittsburgh Pirates had.

Don’t be fooled or let them insult your intelligence. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, find out the facts now. If they get their way and these changes are made, you have no right to complain. You have to find out the truth.

Tony Yachini