Every day looks better

To the editor:

Our family is very fortunate today because of all the numerous people in the United States.

My wife, Anna Marie, became critically ill on the evening of Jan. 5. She spent the next 72 days in five different hospitals.

Initially Anna was given only a 20 percent chance of living by one of her physicians. Because of the following hospitals and their staff, she is getting better every day. The medical facilities who helped my wife were Eastern Ohio Regional Hospital, Ohio Valley Medical Center, Bellaire Acuity Facility, Bishop Hodges Rehab Center and Medical Park Hospital.

Churches, prayer groups, Bible study groups, relatives and friends all over the states have helped greatly also.

Ann’s determination and will to live was also a key in her recovery. All the cards, food, phone calls and gas cards helped immensely.

Finally, thanks to our God, Jesus Christ, who has been our strength during this adversity. Without him none of these blessings would have been possible.

Love to all.

Jim Monogioudis