Give Hancock County some fresh air

To the Editor,

I need to express my views regarding the smoking ban proposed in Hancock County. Smoking should have been banned years ago but it has only now come to the table. Let’s not be misguided; Smoking kills! Smoking causes serious health issues! Smoking stinks! So now there are scare tactics that jobs will be lost and revenues will decline. Are these reasons for people to continue to smoke? I say bull.

The percentage of people who smoke is roughly 18 percent of the adult population. That means 82 percent of the adult population doesn’t smoke. Think what having more people not smoking will do to revenues.

Other county’s in the state have adopted the policy of no smoking including Kanawha County and have seen no loss in jobs or revenue. Places in Charleston continue to thrive and prosper and they also smell nice.

People of Hancock County please do not believe that jobs or revenues will be lost due to a no smoking law being put into place. I believe the opposite, that jobs will flourish and revenues will increase where smoking is now taking place by allowing more non-smoking people to patronize those places.

I’m a veteran and I started smoking when I was 17. I stopped 38 years ago and don’t miss it one bit. I can’t stand places that allow smoking and won’t patronize them. I actually would like to go to Mountaineer occasionally to attend a function or event but don’t because I can’t tolerate the smoke.

I also believe that those who smoke are impervious to the fact they smell like smoke. People who don’t smoke find this offensive as well. Your clothes, your hair, your skin, and your breath smell bad regardless of what you do to try and cover it up.

Just think what smoke is doing to your body. I grew up in a generation of smokers starting with my father, who passed it on to me and my brothers. We all realized the harm and quit. To say that putting a ban in place will cost jobs and revenue is really lame. Let’s be leaders for the next generation of healthy children and grandchildren and provide the example of not smothering them in smoke.

Smoke kills! Let’s give Hancock County a breath of fresh air!

Thomas Zielinsky