God is very powerful

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter “Faith Can Help Lead Us” that appeared April 6: I am never taken off guard by someone in this area using this topic. To be so bold, I’ll say I’m insulted, because residents of this area don’t use the faith God gives them, nor do they offer the same in dealing with the lost sheep in this area.

What I have witnessed is idolatry that has replaced the faith of true Christianity, when you allow lost souls to go to hell for failing to tell them the life they live will send them there. The Bible says in James, I’ll show you works of my faith, not just faith to collect dust in any local church. The true idea of faith I have seen personally is of compassionate people who gave their all for the lost souls, bringing a hot meal in the middle of the night, or getting arrested for street preaching.

Well, for me, I can be bold to challenge this area’s faith for I’m truly experienced with the person of Jesus many times, and I’m offended by people who claim to be of a like kind. This area’s fake Christianity is a sin, as in Revelation, where it is written that you’re neither hot nor cold, so ill spew you out. Yes, success is great, sports are great, but Christ is all. Most people from this area are not like this, but of the new false Christianity that says, “Do whatever I want as long as I look good in church.”

The Bible is not a joke, nor is faith of Christ. We must show true works of faith by showing fruits of true repentance and then showing the power to go to the lost sheep and show the love of Christ.

It’s not by them getting in line – you go to them anywhere or any place to fulfill the true gospel of Jesus Christ, who I must say I’m truly grateful and thankful for meeting and being shown that God’s love is real.

Thank you, Lord, for being so kind to a sinful man like me. God forgive all.

William Murray