Hollywood senior center an asset

To the editor:

I would like to lend my support to the request for funding to the senior services facility on Hollywood Boulevard. If you have not visited this facility, you’re missing out on a valuable experience.

With so many seniors becoming familiar with the electronic age, you can get some hands-on help in learning to navigate your laptop, tablet or smart phone. Most of us who are new to the Internet, apps and technology of the tech age find this to be a less confusing way to get the most out of our devices. Wednesday is tech-support day at the center. You’ll find a fun atmosphere and a volunteer who is ready to help you cut through the fog and make you more comfortable with the process.

The director of the facility, Amy Mihalyo, has plans to enhance the services, with crochet classes, crafting, hot coffee and even a light snack or two. There’s even talk of some day-trips to nearby points of interest and tours. The facility has a full slate of activities five days a week. Seniors can get out of the house, make new friends and learn some new dance moves. All in all, I think this is a real asset for the area and deserves funding consideration.

With the senior services levy up for renewal and an increase in millage, the $1.1 million it will generate surely can be used to help fund its contribution to the community. The question of is it necessary to have two facilities is a no-brainer. Everyone doesn’t live in the West End, and the Hollywood facility has a modest membership fee. It may not be as lavish as the Lovers Lane location, but its impact on seniors who can’t get to the West End is no less valuable. If the levy passes, the money will be there to fund both locations, with the lion’s share going to the Lovers Lane facility. The small amount requested will work wonders.

We’re a community that’s getting older every day, and making a facility available to both areas of the population makes good sense.

Keep in mind, the Hollywood center is staffed by volunteers; no one gets paid to do what they do. They do it as as service to area seniors, and they do it well.

Thanks to all of them, and all the others who’re involved in giving back to the senior community. I hope the county will see the value and fund it, so they can keep their doors open.

I hope the Jefferson County commissioners will render their verdict before the election, so that these seniors who use the Hollywood facility will know what’s going to happen, and whether they will lose access to a truly neighborhood place they can visit near their banks, doctors, supermarkets, restaurants and stadium walking track.

Let’s not put all of eggs in one basket. Keep the facility operating so that all seniors have access to the rewards that paying their taxes are supposed to generate.

Stan Galownia

Mingo Junction