Learn how to truly love

To the Editor,

As I read last Sunday’s letter “A Change of heart is needed,” I had to go back and read Rob Denham’s original letter. The writer asked if Denham would “accuse Pope Francis of trying to rid the world of Judeo-Christianity.” To compare Pope Francis, who wants to help those who have no means of helping themselves, to those who Mr. Denham referred to, men and women who want to subsidize Americans who refuse to work is sad. Mr. Denham said we are to “help the poor.” He explained that the Young Ruler, much like Lazarus in Luke 16, obeyed “the letter of the law, [but] not the spirit” of the law. Mr. Denham acknowledged that the “Spirit of the Law” would be to help others in need.

Let’s focus on the words, “in need.” The March 30 writer seems to refer to people who are unable to help themselves, starving, living in garbage dumps, being prostituted and worse. I agree we must do everything to help these, and I believe Mr. Denham would concur.

The March 30 letter mentions acting like Moses said to. Moses said that the poor who were able to work had to go into the fields and gather what the rich left behind. The rich were instructed to leave the grain on the edges of the field to provide for less fortunate who were willing to go out and work.

Mr. Denham did not condemn helping those who are truly less fortunate, the mentally impaired, physically unable, the single working parent who can’t make ends meet. He specifically mentioned folks who “no longer have the desire to fend for themselves.” Perpetuating a culture of “I deserve it because I breathe” is detrimental to America. I did not see Mr. Kopa’s letter Mr. Denham referred to. However, if that letter said that God hated, it was wrong. That phrase, God hates, is an oxymoron, an impossibility. As Craig Groeshcell so nicely puts it in his book, “The Christian Atheist” God does not love, God is love. The Creator cannot turn His love on and off, it’s the nature of His being.

The problem is that only God knows how to love. People can’t understand 2 Thessalonians 3:10 “You don’t work, you don’t eat” is a message of love. God knows that true love does what’s best for the individual, even when it’s not pleasant. Expecting able people to work is an act of love. Teaching people how to feed themselves is an act of love, feeding people is not always.

I agree, a change of heart is needed. We need to learn how to truly love. The Rich Young Ruler and Lazarus gave out of guilt. Those in D.C. who want to give handouts to those who won’t work give out of guilt, not love. We need to take care of those who can’t work and call to accountability those who can. Yes, let’s change the heart of America to truly learn how to love.

Lynne Modranski