Lies, lies, lies

To the Editor,

I have just read a letter that was printed in your paper on March 23 by John Flara. Several points he brings up are so slanted that they need addressed.

To start, lets discuss the war in Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. President Bush, who following the lead of not only the United States intelligence agencies but also several other countries, stated that Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction.

I believe Kerry, Obama, and even Clinton all voted for action to be taken when this was addressed in Congress. The problem with not finding any weapons of mass destruction was there were so many warnings issued prior to attack, anything could have happened to them if they existed.

As for the lying of Republican Presidents, let’s discuss just the last two Democrat Presidents. The lie you said was none of our business, how can any responsible American citizen say that? President Clinton took an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. He then lied. He committed perjury. He should have been impeached for that. He should have been disbarred and then taken to jail. Lying under oath is a crime. And you consider that not a big deal?

That says a lot about the character of the man. President Obama and lies, I don’t think the man ever told the truth in his life. Everything he says is a lie. You can keep your insurance, your taxes will not go up, the NSA is not abusing its power, Obamacare is not a tax, no federal dollar will fund abortion, and the list goes on.

Saying that Republicans don’t care about the working class is an amazing thought. Who signed NAFTA which cost this country how many jobs? How many jobs has the current president stopped by using the EPA as his weapon against the middle class? How many threats against coal miners and coal power plant workers have came out?

Quit blaming the rich for the problems. I am not one, but then again, when Obama said only the rich people’s taxes would go up, I was surprised and told my wife we are rich but did not know it. Class warfare is not the answer to this. That is all Obama wants and has fought for his whole life. Look at his history.

Matthew Campbell