Looking for a different view

To the Editor,

I read your paper seven days a week. I also read other papers and watch eight or nine news channels. It’s a great privilege we have in this country to say or print just about anything we prefer. Some of it is done without bias, some of it done favoring a political party or a moral belief. Then, there are times when malice is used because of our discomfort or hatred towards an individual or group.

There’s a saying I am sure many of us are familiar with, “If there’s to be love and peace in the world, let it start with me.”

I am sure your paper is guided by a philosophy that you have to inform your readers of the rights and wrongs in the world, and have your writer’s give their personal opinions, without bias.

Your paper has chosen articles from your feature opinion writers such as Michele Malkin, John Stossel, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Mona Charen and Michael Barone to inform your readers how wrong the president of the United States, the Democratic Party, the running of the government, the leaders of the military, the people who try to help the poor and disadvantaged and overall dislike for this country and the way it is run.

Your cartoons of the president and the way you want it to show how stupid and wrong the president is on every possible issue you can imagine.

I am sure some of your readers prefer this bigotry and mockery, but I ask you to once print an article to show respect for our country and what it stands for in the eyes of the world, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to travel, etc.

We are the envy of the world and you choose to tear it down.

If there’s to be love, peace and fairness in this world, let it start with your newspaper.

Tony Yachini