Property owners carry the weight

To the editor:

I agree with John Paul Saggio and do not feel an individual who does not own property has the right to increase my taxes (“Be educated before voting,” April 20.)

Do not get me wrong – I am for education, but I believe there needs to be other means of local funding for schools besides placing the burden on property owners.

In my opinion, Edison Local has been using scare and bully tactics to get this levy to pass. Before the last election Edison announced it no longer had the money to bus all the children. That was just to get people to pass the levy, and then when it did not pass, the children were hurt. A family by me started sending their children to Indian Creek Local School District. There was only one child they would not bus, but they pulled all four children from Edison and plan on continuing at Indian Creek.

The letter signed by three influential individuals supporting the levy did not change my mind. These individuals may not mind paying a good deal more next year and in the future, but I do. People, you better really look at what this is going to cost you before you vote. Nonproperty owners, please put yourselves in our shoes. If you think you wouldn’t mind paying the additional money, contact me and you can pay mine.

James Wilson gave some suggestions on finance and I have a few ideas to stop useless spending (“Make sure you vote with your head,” April 20.)

First, stop sending that black-and-gray calendar every year.

Second, that very professional, expensive looking, four-page colored brochure recently mailed out for school registration was an absolute waste to me. That could have been done with a press release to the Herald-Star and a public service announcement on local radio stations. These methods are free. I know you receive bulk rate for mailing, but that is still not the same as free.

Third, the weekly colored fliers I receive in the mail have not changed my mind. I am already giving you well over $1,200 a year – why do you think I can afford more?

I believe there are other methods to fund education besides the property owner. If Edison or the county would explore other avenues of income to help the school districts I would be more than willing to lend my support.

Lorie Swearingen