Religious freedom under attack

To the editor:

In the egregious attack by the current administration over freedom of religion, President Barack Obama urged his minions to increase pressure in order to enroll more of his subjects into the abomination called the Affordable Care Act. This totalitarian clique continually shows denial and rejection of millennially held standards of morality in pursuit of its mundane ideology. Freedom means, “Those living under the law not not exist for the sake of the legislator.” (Dante Aligheri, “Monarchia.”)

The mistaken idea that the HHS mandate is a necessary codicil to health care is not driven by any scientific or medical research, but only an attempt to demonstrate that ultimate power resides in the Oval Office. It is not legitimate medical care which guarantees the death of at least half of those treated, possibly more, since the drugs required have been classed as a Class 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization.

This attack is exacerbated by the passive acquiescence of those lukewarm, not only about their religion, but by freedom in general. It is no less than a blatant attempt to deny not only the Bill of Rights, but the Decalogue itself. Here is abject refusal to recognize that the creator’s law is not subject to change by his creatures. The gentleman needs to learn that “life does not fall under human dominion, so that no one may be deprived of life other than for one’s own guilt.” (Francisco Suarez, “The Three Theological Virtues.”)

We must realize that we “cannot renounce the responsibility for our soul.” (Thomas Merton, “Life and Holiness.”) There is the necessity to oppose the concerns of those inimitable to any faith that recognizes a greater authority than secular elitists. “For it is plain they do not esteem spiritual of heavenly things above those of the world.” (John Chrysostom, “On Respect Due to the Church of God.”)

Obama has sent his representatives a message that this tyranny is “God’s will,” and that the population not only tolerate grave inequity, but all must materially support it, under threat of financial ruin. One cannot help but wonder to whom he referred. At best, this statement is revelation of a twisted understanding of Scripture, and at worst, Obama was not referring to the creator, but to himself.

Ed Bednar