We know who heroes are

To the editor:

Congratulations to all World War II and Korean war veterans who were awarded the Medal of Honor. They were denied the medal because of the color of their skin. Heroes are heroes -actions, not skin color, should be the guiding principle for such an honor. Thank you all for your service.

Our honey boo boo-in-chief, master of fallaciloquence, dallies picking winners in college basketball while Russia’s Vladimir Putin plays chess with world politics. Some say I have to respect the office of president, if not Obuma. If Barack Obama respected the office, Constitution and American citizens, I would. I’m not respecting anything – does that make me a liberal? Here’s my reasoning (Amigos, debate with facts.)

On March 17, the president gave control of the Internet to the U.N. He changed Obumacare (39th time) so employee mandates don’t take effect until after the November elections. Could it be to gain votes for the loopy Democrats who refuse to campaign on its merits? He initiated a wavier for individuals not signing up so they pay no penalty. All they have to say is they couldn’t get into the easy registration system. Just hit the waiver button, no questions asked. He’ll trust you.

On March 10, he gave his cronies in the unions $25 billion in Obumacare waivers and benefits. I guess the rest of us will just pay more so he can get union votes. Meanwhile , the UAW ran an election at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant using UAW rules to unionize. It lost big time. Now the losers want a recount and the NLRB to run another election. Cry babies – wonder if they won if they would allow another vote to expel them?

Obama, reducing our military to pre-WWII levels, fires more than 150 general and admirals. Feel safe America?

On March 12, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (third in incompetence behind Obama and Eric Holder) confesses Obamacare will cost more that anticipated. I’m in shock. On March 12, Obama threatened to veto bill requiring him to obey nation’s laws. On March 18, he claims 5 million signed up for Obamacare. He didn’t state that 6.5 million lost their plans or how many paid.

No death panels? Obama’s people raised blood pressure standard from 130 over 80 to 180 over 95. Why? To reduce drug expenses. With a wave, he says 180/90 is the new normal and no one is in danger. People will die, which is needed to reduce Obamacare expenses. How many baby boomers fall into this standard? Think you’re safe now?

Holder, wizard that he is, is going to spend $1 billion to develop a bracelet that gun owners must wear if they are going to discharge their weapons so he can monitor when and where they did. Great idea. But first let’s bracelet illegal aliens so we know where they are and welfare recipients so we know what they are buying. Gun owners are not a danger to bankrupt America – the others are.

Barry Bardone