Agencies appreciate voters’ support

To the Editor,

The members of the agencies supported by the Brooke County Excess Levy want to thank our local voters and the Brooke County Commissioners for their support of future funding and services here in the Northern Panhandle.

Many of the agencies would not have the local financial support necessary to continue their crucial services if the levy was defeated. The boards and staff are extremely grateful to the county commissioners for placing the following nine agencies on the ballot: Brooke County Ambulance Service; Brooke County Health Department; Brooke County Libraries; Mary H. Weir Library; Brooke County Opportunity Center and Healthways Inc.; Brooke County Parks and Recreation Commission; Brooke County Senior Program; Brooke County Museum; WVU Extension Service; and the Brooke County Courthouse for maintenance, repair and improvements.

The members of the agencies give special thanks to the individuals who worked long hours at the polls throughout Brooke County. Also, we thank the office crew of the Brooke County Courthouse who assisted with election results.

The proposal for the renewal of the Brooke County excess levy became a reality on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. We will always be grateful to our local voters and to the Brooke County Commissioners for their past and present support of our agencies’ funding for vital services.

Ruth Lewis

President, Brooke County Public Library Board of Trustees