City needs more options

To the Editor,

In the article “Budget Plan Makes Little Sense” the author opposes the idea of not using a Business and Occupation tax. Based off the economic situation of the local area, with the exception of Mountaineer Casino, small businesses are failing and a B and O tax will not help the situation.

Taxing these small businesses would cause even more of a strain to our economic crisis. According to Russell Huebsch, freelance writer and graduate of Baylor University with a Bachelor’s degree in political science, B and O taxes hinder small businesses from growing, we cannot add more problems to the already failing small businesses.

I believe we need more than a casino and racetrack to rely on for economic support. Since Mountaineer is doing so well maybe they could help. If we could use a different form of budget plan, such as taxing more lottery taxes, then maybe a small business could become very lucrative and bring in tourists to help with our economic situation.

Dustin Roche