Help our youth

To the Editor,

We are leaving our children to handle a very serious epidemic that is destroying their future and their health.

We cannot take a blind eye approach to the many temptations they incur daily from the Internet, friends and people who want to do them harm. How many times do we have to hear that a young man decides to walk into a school or workplace and tries to kill as many people as he can before killing himself?

We just recently heard about a young man who planned to kill his mom and dad and go to a school he attended and kill as many classmates as possible. After the massacre and killings are over, we always hear that he was a nice, quiet young man, and we have no idea why he would do such a violent attack. Or maybe we do.

Many of us are aware of the legalization of marijuana is spreading across the country and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches here or one of our very close bordering states. Our children are overdosing with legal prescription drugs and experimenting with dangerous ideas they see on the Internet to get high and escape the reality of this life.

We need our civic leaders to take the lead and help our children and the future of our cities. If we do not help our youth now, somewhere in the future we have to own up. We let them down.

Why not a section in the newspapers where our young people can write to and ask questions about their personal problems and consult with a drug addiction professional and get answers without giving their name?

Why not a place they can go and talk to groups their own age who are fighting drug problems or just thinking about committing some horrible act, to get answers and help?

Why not a radio station they can call in and talk to a professional counselor or a former drug addict to get advice anonymously. They are our children and our problem. It would be a shame to let them down.

Tony Yachini