PNA grateful for resolution

To the Editor,

On behalf of the delegates of the PNA Council 50, I wish to thank the Belmont County Commissioners for presentation of a framed Resolution of Recognition of the PNA Council 50 at the PNA Council 50 100th Anniversary dinner held April 27 at St Frances Cabrini Church Hall in Colerain.

The resolution, signed by Matt Coffland, Mark Thomas and Ginny Favede, was read to the PNA Council 50 by Favede. It stated that the council was chartered on April 3, 1914, with the Maynard PNA Lodge 455 as home base.

The early years of the council were very difficult. It was faced with many problems and adversities due to unemployment and strikes in the coal mines. The council persevered through good times as well as bad times in its impressive 100 years. Throughout their years, Council 50 devoted its efforts to promote fun, loyalty and allegiance to Poland and the United States.

The resolution further stated, “Let it be resolved that the Belmont County Commissioners do hereby express their appreciation for the generous contribution of PNA Council 50 to its members and communities within the jurisdiction of PNA Council 50.” In conclusion, the resolution stated congratulations to PNA Council 50 on reaching this historic milestone of 100 years.

With tears in the eyes of many of those in attendance, the resolution was greatly accepted by the officers of the council 50.

As council president, I wish to thank the Belmont County Commissioners for the resolution. Also, I would like to thank Favede for presenting the resolution and speaking at this special occasion. The resolution will be placed in honor at the Maynard PNA Lodge 455 beneath the council charter.

Sto lat (Polish for 100 years.)

Dziekuje (Polish for thank you.)

Yvonne Tuchalski

PNA Council 50 President