Remember our military

To the Editor,

As we all look forward to the opening of the 2014 summer festivities, we should remember that Memorial Day is much more than the kickoff for the summer season. It’s more than a day off from work with picnics, cookouts and ball games.

On Memorial Day, we as a nation pause – or should pause – to observe and honor the sacrifice of all of those who have died in the military service of this nation. Those who gave their lives so that the rest of us could live unfettered by oppression, enjoying the freedoms guaranteed in the United States Constitution, to which they pledged their full honor and devotion, defending it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Not only have they stood between their own country and oppression, they have gone overseas, to cut the chains of tyranny from the feet of nations the world over.

Too many in this country are far too willing to be protected; far too willing to sit back and partake of their freedoms, yet are unwilling to stand up, step up, and do the job, themselves. Too many of these, ignorant and small-minded, will then complain about, disrespect and disparage those who do, when they should be thanking God for these brave men and women, who choose to stand between them and the “bullies” of the world’s nations.

This Monday, before heading out to enjoy your day off, please take the time to attend a memorial service near you. They deserve an hour of your time.

From Bunker Hill to Baghdad, may God bless our military forces, no matter in what capacity they may serve. Happy Memorial Day; have a great summer.

Rob Denham