Respect your flag

To the Editor,

I have always been taught proper flag etiquette. Perhaps it is because my father was, and my brother and my husband are veterans. Perhaps it is because I’ve spent eight years as a Tri-State Young Marine staff member who assisted in teaching our youths the history, etiquette and respect of our nation’s flag. Or, perhaps it is simply because I was born during an era in which respect meant a lot more than it does today. (Things like silence, hand over heart and removing of hats during our national anthem seem to have gone by the wayside as well.)

Nevertheless, nothing irritates me more than seeing a distressed and tattered American flag. With Memorial Day approaching, I am sending a personal appeal to businesses and individuals to please take a look at your flags. Replace them or take them down. I have noticed several residences and a few businesses who’s flags are in deplorable, and some disgraceful, condition.

It makes me sad that something so simple, yet monumentally important, is being ignored. As someone who travels quite a bit, I am acutely aware of how fortunate I am to be an American. Please respect your country, those who are serving or have served and those who have died defending our freedom and protecting what is so precious to all of us. God Bless the U.S.A.

Tamara L. Green