A moooving experience

To the Editor,

About a month ago at work, my boss talked to me about my morning shift, and some of things that I had to accomplish. After going over the daily details, I proceeded to go on and due my tasks. One of those tasks involved leaving my workplace, and traveling 7.5 miles away to a area that is owned by the company I work for.

It has to be checked periodically, for it is private property.

As I drive out to part of this area, an old road that is partially abandoned leads to one of the areas which I have to check and recorded it in my daily log book. Now, mind you, along this road is a few grazing fields for cattle. No problem right? Wait, this story gets better.

As I maneuvered my truck into an “S” turn in the road, a brown calf was right in front of my vehicle. I slowed down to take a look to see if the calf was all right. No problem … and out of nowhere comes another calf, looking for its mother. OK, so where did these month-old calves come from? Well, I looked to the left of my truck and, sure enough, there was a wide gap in the grazing field -someone left the gate open. I slowly moved my truck close enough to see the babes … “MWWWWWWWAH!” Another baby calf appeared out of the pasture, and stands next to my truck.

Now all three of these stooges are in front of my truck, and I cannot move. So, naturally, I am talking to these little creatures. “Get out of the way … I have work to do … run along now.” No luck.

Meanwhile, as I look around and just happen to glance in my rearview mirror, I see this cow wailing a moo in my direction, and trotting toward the back end of my truck. She wasn’t stopping, either. I’m figuring this cow is the calves’ mother, and she is going to use my truck as a plow. As I say to myself, “How do I fill out an accident report on this fiasco,” I look above me in the grassy field. A bull is now staring at me, grunting and hissing. Of course I look at the big boy and ask, “Are you the daddy of those babies?” Of course the answer was a shrilling MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Then, it was like a sing-a-long. The rest of the heard trots down and mooos at the same time, while the neighbor’s bull on the other side of the road gives me his two cents of the whole charade.

Finally after this 15 minute confrontation ended when mom and her babes were reunited. All was calm once again. And I could go on … with another normal day at work.

Kevin Neverly