America needs help

To the Editor,

As I write this, the IRS is taking heat over supposedly “losing” a number of chief thief Lois Lerner’s e-mails which, had they been available, would have served to detail the agency’s questionable decisions and actions concerning the non-profit status of certain right-leaning Tea Party and “patriot” groups, while granting preferential treatment to more left-leaning organizations. How very convenient. Official communications; and they want to be trusted to handle our medical records, too.

Oddly, though, agencies like the IRS are supposed to keep hard copies of all electronic communications, for just such an occurrence. Try the NSA; they probably have them.

Lerner’s comment when told that the records couldn’t be retrieved? “Oh, well; ‘stuff’ happens.”

Yes, indeed it does. Although, one thing Obama did promise was “transparency”, and these kinds of awkward, embarrassingly-obvious deceptions are nothing, if not transparent.

This is yet another in the endless parade of glaringly discernible, ham-fisted attempts by the Obama Administration to cover its own malfeasance, and/or incompetence.

We have a President who arms and funds “Syrian rebel forces” he knows full well to be in bed with our al-Qaeda enemies. Now, I get the whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” idea; but what if the enemy of your enemy is also your enemy? Then what?

We have a President and a former Secretary of State (who now wants to be President) who tried to cover up a bloody attack on our embassy in Libya-which they knew was coming-by misdirecting blame from what they knew were al-Qaeda-led terrorists, even going so far as to purposely detain a man they knew to be completely innocent, blaming his poorly-made, anti-Islamic film.

And I’ll reiterate a point I’ve made in at least two letters in the past: after watching for seven hours, in real time, and with four Americans-one the Ambassador, beaten, tortured and sexually assaulted-dead, and an embassy in burning ruins and doing literally nothing about it, our great Presidentwent to bed, so he could be fresh at a Las Vegas campaign fundraiser the next day.

It’s been written by other contributors here, how “sad and shameful” it is, that I “cannot seem to find even one good thing to say”, about Obama and his cohorts. I personally think it’s amusing–and somewhat frightening, really – that, after all this and so much more, they can’t seem to find even one bad thing to say.

Kool-Aid, anyone?

As I recall, Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment, over trying to cover up a botched burglary in which no one died. And of course, there’s Clinton. Nobody died there, either, except America’s self-respect, which died of extreme humiliation.

Impeachment documents were drawn up against Reagan, over Iran-Contra, and G.W. Bush over.well, just about anything they could think of. I just wonder when the Republicans will man-up, finally stop talking about impeachment proceedings, and actually do something, here. Of course, if they succeeded, we’d end up with Biden.

As President.

Either way, God help America.

Rob Denham