Dean Martin’s story keeps getting better

To the Editor,

With Dean Martin Days just a few weeks away, I just could not help myself from bragging about the nice letter I received from Deana.

CNN did a story about how cool Dean’s music still is. He is too.

I think the “Daughter of the King: Growing up in Gangland,” Sandra Lansky’s tell-all book about her relationship with Dean, just adds another colorful chapter to Dean’s life that has expanded and adds more detail. She was romanced by Dean at 19 and she tells readers Dean was a man’s man. Bedding the mob’s daughter, wow.

Given the glamorous but troubled world she grew up in, she met Frank Sinatra at age 11 and she met Howard Hughes and Joe Kennedy, my personal hero.

Given the book’s details, the romance seems to be set in 1956. The book tells she didn’t see him again until a week or so after the birth of Gina Caroline Martin, which was Dec. 20, 1956.

Dean was born on June 7, 1917, in Steubenville, so Dean was 39 when she was still a young woman in her teens.

I love gangsters, the Rat Pack and all the rest.

Dean Martin, a story that just keeps getting better and better … you’ve just got to read the book.

Michael Traubert