Looking for a reason

To the Editor,

I am a retired Hancock County school bus driver. I served the children in our school system for 28 years. I have recently heard some of the information being passed about by a few of the drivers who presently park in Weirton. The public is being misled in being told that moving buses to the bus garage across from the Rockefeller Career Center is a bad idea. Nothing could be further from the truth. The county is simply trying to better protect and service our buses just as the other counties in the state do.

For years the bus mechanics have had to respond to any bus problem in Weirton when the bus repair garage is located in New Cumberland. Many times I have witnessed the inconvenience and additional expenses caused by having buses located away from our bus repair garage.

For years, also, drivers complained about trying to keep buses clean during bad weather months. The school board has recently approved the construction of a heated bus wash building at the New Cumberland bus garage.

Some drivers would have you believe that money is being wasted on fuel and maintenance. They never mentioned the extra labor and other costs by having buses parked away for the repair facility. If the south end drivers’ buses were all at the same garage like the north end drivers’ buses, the mechanics could just bring the buses in the building and service them as needed.

There definitely is a reason for the south end bus drivers’ opposition to parking buses at the bus garage across from the Rockefeller Career Center. The reason is that they don’t want to drive to New Cumberland.

Nothing else.

Dona Gaston

New Cumberland