No time for incompetence

To the Editor,

Reading the recent Letter to the Editor about how good the Democrats have performed for West Virginia I have to wonder where some get their information. When Weirton Steel was going through bankruptcy, not one senior senator came to Weirton to discuss our problems or offer any help. When Weirton Steel officials went to Washington to meet with our senators they were told they could only meet with the senators’ aides. So how much concern for Weirton Steel and the state did they have recognizing Weirton Steel was the largest employer in the state at that time?

Then last week an article in a Pittsburgh newspaper stated that 50 senators, mostly Democrat, signed a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asking to change the name of the Washington Redskins. As bad as this country has become, with a long list of unresolved issues, including the unresolved debt, poor economy, and now with recent events surrounding the VA, 50 senators have nothing better to do than ask for a name change for an NFL team? I think their action is despicable and an insult to the positions they hold, and to all those senators who signed the letter, I ask that they just resign.

These longstanding senators and congressman, over the years, have manipulated the system creating special programs and incentives including pensions that continue their salaries for life, and premium healthcare plans that the rest of us can’t get into. Yet significant problems just get pushed under the rug and they continue to keep there cushy jobs. They constantly blame the other party for the unresolved problems, but believe me there is equal blame to go around.

With everything out of control in Washington, time has come to insist that term limits be reinstated and then vote them out and vote someone in that has a will and desire to make changes across party lines. There is no place in Washington or anywhere else for incompetence.

Thomas Zielinsky