Weirton is a filthy mess

To the Editor,

After 61 years in Weirton and living through the dirt in the air, I guess it’s now hitting our town again. Take a good look in front of our city building; nothing but a joke. Streets are dirty, sidewalks are a mess and even the park across from the city building is a eye sore! The list goes on as grass covers the walkways on Cove Road to Pennsylvania Avenue. Culverts half full of debris and not cleaned out that I know of in five years.

Then back to our streets (joke) Pennsylvania Avenue roller coaster along with Three Springs down to Harmon Creek is like a roller coaster ride at Kennywood. I ask, where’s our mayor?

The Lee Avenue Bridge has got to be the laughing stock of our town. It’s so unsafe to pull out in front of traffic in front of the community center when making a left turn. Nobody smart enough to put up a traffic light. Want to hear more? City erects a stupid concert area across from the center with no parking at all when you have a really nice football stadium going to waste downtown with all the parking you need! Somebody running this town needs to think outside the box! Does this town even own a street cleaner? If so get the cobwebs out and start using it!

Lastly the repaving of Marland Heights. No more than a year ago and completely cheaply done. It has falling apart. Then to hot patch it is right up there with joke of the year. Come on Mr. Mayor & councilmen, no more raises and get this town cleaned up!

Richard Budney Sr.