Cleanup effort was inspirational

To the Editor,

My name is Mary Bohach and I was fortunate to participate in the City Clean-up on July 12, 2014.

The approximately 20 to 30 volunteers were of all ages and backgrounds. Some were from local businesses and clubs, others were like me – individual citizens. One thing we had in common was our concern about the appearance of our town due to careless littering.

The two young organizers, Richard and Marcus, need to be commended for seeing a problem and taking action.

I think there may be some misunderstanding about the project. We were broken up into groups of three or four and sent to various areas of the city that were filled with litter and debris. We were not sent to people’s homes or businesses to pick up bagged trash.

Our group was assigned to the area around Gabriel’s. We collected five large bags of trash in a few hours. We put the orange bags on the curb and the city picked them up.

I have wanted to clean up Marland Heights Road hill for years, but did not know how to get started. These two young men have inspired me. I am going to take a few hours every so often and improve where I live Doing something is always better than doing nothing or complaining.

There is a saying that everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten, including picking up after ourselves and being kind to others.

Mary Bohach